It’s Spring… Time for a Little Cleaning!

We are so excited to hear the words “SPRING CLEANING”… Its that time of year where you can get rid of the old and add a few new touches to the home! We have taken the liberty to include a small checklist to keep you on track…

Don’t forget we have storage units and garages available to rent to help you create some extra space!Good Luck!

Concorde Alexan

Whole House:

-Clean baseboards
-Launder throw pillows or blankets
-Wash windows and windowsills
-Dust blinds
-Dust ceiling fans
-Wash scuffed walls (Mr.Clean Magic Eraser is AMAZING!!!)
-Shake out rugs
-Vacuum floors and funiture
-Dust shelves and decor

-Sweep and mop near appliances
-Clean oven and microwave
-Reorganize pantry
-Empty fridge and expired condiments
-Sanitize and then rinse inside surfaces of fridge

-Rotate and flip mattress
-Go through clothes and make a donate pile
-Put dryer sheets in boots and tennis to keep closet smelling fresh

-Wash decorative towels
-Replace shower curtain liner
-Wash bath mats
-Reorganize medicine cabinets
-Rinse and wash trash bins

-Throw away accumulated junk email or unnecessary documents
-Go through drawers and toss junk

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