Lost your MOJO, Let Alexan Concorde Fitness Center be just one reason you choose our Apartment Community!

Was your New Year’s Resolution to hit the Gym? Need some motivation. Come live at the Alexan Concorde to have access to our State of the Art Fitness Center, which is open 24 hours a day. Our Fitness Center has it all; free weights, kettle balls, stair climber, rowing machine, elliptical, cross fit and more! Rather workout outdoors? We have bicycles for you to use on the nearby BWI Trail and Patapsco State Park, where you can use our kayaks or go on the many hiking trails.

Get back in the right direction and step up your motivation!

Pick a workout partner:

As part of a plan to reach your desired physique, you might decide that finding a workout partner is in order, both because company will make your workouts more enjoyable, and also because when you know they will be there waiting for you to show up, you will be held accountable.

Having someone who is going to be there to support you throughout your highs and lows can prove to be very motivating to many individuals and at times, can be the single reason they stick with their program.

It’s important to find a partner who has similar reasons for working out than you. By doing so, you will help to form a stronger bond between the two of you, thus deepening the connection you feel in terms of cheering each other on as you progress through.

Cheating on that diet:

First of all, let’s get rid of the idea of “cheating” and “cheat days.” May I suggest that the far healthier, more accurate and realistic way to think about this is to consider it a planned “choice” – not a “cheat.” I bet you’ll feel more empowered and less guilt-ridden if you do this! After all, “cheating” has a negative connotation, but what you’re really doing is making a choice.

You see, a planned choice to step away from a healthy eating plan doesn’t have to be the end of the world — or a successful diet. If you’re smart about it, these choices can motivate you enough to continue with your healthy eating plan. Depriving yourself of your favorite foods will only make them appear more desirable. That’s why I advise “thrive, don’t deprive.” This mantra allows for more positivity and encourages eating for hunger, not for self-created feelings of deprivation or emotional pain. The more you focus on positivity: seeing yourself in charge, choosing not cheating, and trying to make healthier choices, the better you’ll feel about yourself and the more the positive cycle will continue.

We want you to make this year your best year! Come visit our new community nestled in Linthicum. Pick your new home from one of the many we have available for you. You’ll love all the amenities, luxury apartment homes and community!

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