National Hot Cocoa Day!

On this cold December day it is perfect for a cup of hot cocoa. December 13th people all over celebrate their favorite drink hot cocoa. Hot cocoa is a nice warm beverage made with cocoa powder, milk/water and sugar. You can add so much to your hot cocoa from marshmallows, caramel, chocolate, mint, toffee and my favorite whip cream. It is believed that the first chocolate beverage was created by the Maya over 2000 years ago. By 1400 AD cocoa was a huge part of the Aztec Culture. Hot chocolate was used medicinally up until the 19th century for stomach diseases. Many people are not aware that there are health benefits to drinking hot cocoa. Cocoa has significant amounts of antioxidants, it will help with digestion and the flavonoids that are in cocoa have a positive effect on arterial...

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National Cookie Day!

In 1987 Matt Nader of San Francisco based Blue Chip Cookie Company created Cookie Day saying it will be a fun thing to do. The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street also championed Cookie day. Since the 1980’s word spread world wide about National Cookie Day and it was declared on December 4th. You can celebrate cookie day by gathering family and friends to bake cookies. Bakeries , cookie...

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Holiday Season Cheer and Care

The Holidays are fast approaching and the season of giving is here. This is the season to give to people who are less fortunate then you. There will be charity events in every city, state, community and workplace. There are several ways of giving back to your community; through coat drives, food donation and most importantly your time. Giving your time to feed the homeless or helping to...

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What are you Thankful for?

This is the time of year that we as humans can sit and think about what we are Thankful for. Being thankful will help you to appreciate the things that normally get ignored. You  can be thankful for family, friends, yes and even co-workers. Learning to appreciate all things, people, good and bad events will help you to appreciate all aspects of your life.  Be thankful for all learning...

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Holiday Shopping

Have you started your Holiday Shopping? Many of us wait until last minute, but you will get better deals if you shop early. Shopping early allows us to take advantage of sales and special holiday promotions. When we begin our shopping early we are able to get more gifts because of sales and  it allows shoppers to miss out on that crowded hustle and bustle. You can avoid standing in long lines...

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